What kind of bird are you?

Haritha and I met on a dating app (if you want me to tell you which one, you’re going to have to bribe me). I was charmed instantly by how funny and handsome he is, then I found out he was a bartender. I warned him that I have a tattoo of temperance activist Carrie A. Nation. He reassured me that he was one of the few bartenders in the city who doesn’t drink.

Seventeen days later we spent a week together at Artscape Gibraltar Point, something I think everyone on earth should do. On that trip, we decided to collaborate on Temperance Cocktails. Haritha knew he could raise the standard for non-alcoholic drinks; I wanted to help him spread the word.

Three months later, we got the chance to launch our project at the Centre for Social Innovation‘s annual Wine and Cheese party (full disclosure: Haritha and I both work at the Centre for Social Innovation!). Haritha developed recipes for the menu pictured below. I designed the look of it, and named all the drinks after Wes Anderson movies (we had of course watched Moonrise Kingdom while on the island).

Temperance Cocktails(1)

When non-drinkers came to the bar, it was so magical to get to tell them that all of the choices were non-alcoholic. I lost count of how many times people thanked us and told us they never had fun choices like this.

I have to tell you that we’re so jazzed by everyone’s enthusiasm for this project. We’re lining up workshops and events and creating more recipes every day. We’d love to hear your thoughts! You can reach us at haritha@temperancecocktails.com.