Ice Ice Baby Shower

One of the countless reasons for not drinking — not that you need a reason! — is pregnancy. But pregnant people deserve fancy drinks too, arguably even more than the rest of us! So we were so happy to be a part of a baby shower last weekend. Here’s a little video of what that looked like!


We were asked to prepare a ‘winter themed’ menu, so we created three non-alcoholic cocktails: Snow Day, Mitten Strings, and The Fireplace Channel. Here is the menu we presented the guests with.

Baby Shower-660

(We’d love to do more events like this, get in touch if you’ve got any coming up!)

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The kind of woman I want to be is equal parts Dolly Parton and CJ Cregg. I feel like I’m getting there. Over the past few years I’ve started to feel like an adult, and it is such a huge relief I cannot even tell you. I’m really into thinking and talking about personal agency. I realize this makes me sound insufferable. (There isn’t a followup sentence that explains why I’m not actually insufferable.)