This winter, Workman Arts (we love them!) asked us if we’d be able to set up a bar at an upcoming event of theirs. It turned out that event was happening while we were in Cuba. Determined not to let them down, Haritha sprung into action and bottled hundreds of cocktails for them before we went on our trip.

Once we got back, we realized that bottling our drinks opened up so many possibilities!  They would be great in gift baskets as non-alcoholic alternatives to wine, folks could order them for parties, and we could even offer regular deliveries for people or companies in driving distance! 

As a non-drinker, Audra knows the lack of good choices at work functions can be kind of a drag. So we’re hoping to connect with organizations or companies that do things like “beer Fridays” or have stocked kitchens for employees. We’d love for you to have our drinks on offer for your staff who don’t drink (or don’t want a drink in that moment)!

If you have any bottled-cocktail related dreams, just email to make them come true.

p.s. This is our present menu, but we are also happy to make custom recipes!

temp menu