Our recipe book and Tarot deck

In autumn of 2019, we ran a crowdfunding campaign to create a book of non-alcoholic cocktail recipes inspired by the Tarot. We raised $40K in just under a month, and were the top food and drink product and the top cookbook product on all of Kickstarter!

We are creating 22 original non-alcoholic drinks, mapped onto the evocative narrative of the Tarot. The recipes will reflect a variety of flavours, from sweet to smoky to savoury to spicy. We really hope you find your next favourite non-alcoholic cocktail in the pages of our book.

For the project, Toronto illustrator Cindy Fan is taking Pixie Colman Smith's iconic Major Arcana artwork, and re-imagining that narrative in a diverse fever dream world. In addition to appearing in the book, we are also printing these illustrations as a stand-alone Major Arcana deck.

Book Foreword by Jennifer E. Crawford, Tarot illustrations by Cindy Fan, drink illustrations by Yuliya Tsoy. Tarot consultation by Maranda Elizabeth