We recently raised $40K in a crowdfunding campaign to create a book of non-alcoholic cocktail recipes inspired by the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck.

If you are just hearing about this project now, welcome!! Here is the tl;dr version: 

We’re a ragtag crew including a feminist writer, a craft cocktail maker, a MasterChef Canada winner, and a Sober Witch. We are making a recipe book of 22 cocktails inspired by the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck. The Tarot illustrations for this book reimagine the narrative of the Rider-Waite deck in an inclusive fever dream world. This artwork will also be available as a standalone Major Arcana deck.



THE SUN: rosemary · lemon juice · honey · salt · ginger

FORTITUDE: lychee · rice vinegar · jasmine tea · lemon oil

We deeply love Pixie Colman Smith’s iconic artwork for the Rider-Waite Deck, but we want to see a more inclusive and dreamy take on those illustrations. We are thrilled have put this in the genius hands of phenomenal illustrator Cindy Fan. Cindy is doing her own version of the Major Arcana that will appear alongside the drink recipes in the book. Those illustrations will also be printed as a standalone deck of the Major Arcana cards. (I’ve been thinking of it as the CINDY X PIXIE deck.) Sober Witch Maranda Elizabeth is our Tarot Consultant!


We are also delighted to have Yuliya Tsoy doing illustrations in the book of the drinks themselves! Yuliya’s blend of precision and whimsy is exactly what this project needs.


A year and a half ago, I (Audra Williams, noted online emoter and lifelong non-drinker) fell in love with a bartender (Haritha Gnanaratna, fastidious drink inventor and infrequent drink-drinker). On our third date, I asked him “Do you think cocktails need alcohol in them?” He looked off into space for a few minutes and replied no. Six weeks later, we launched our non-alcoholic beverage company, Temperance Cocktails.

The night that we launched our company, we impulsively named all of our menu offerings on Wes Anderson movies. We saw what a fun entry point it gave people to try the drink equivalent of The Darjeeling Limited, or Moonrise Kingdom. We realized that part of the appeal of cocktail culture are the stories connected with certain drinks. So we wanted to find a way to map a compelling narrative onto the drinks we were creating. We chose the Tarot, which has a mystical 500-year history of shaping narrative.

Temperance Cocktails are presently being bottled one at a time in a shared community kitchen. We are nowhere near being able to supply the whole planet with non-alcoholic drinks — though we’d like to get there.

Until then, we are making this recipe book with the help of a lot of rad people. Look at our chipper faces and learn more about us below!