1 - The Magician

The Magician

What makes you feel emboldened? When do you feel empowered?


500 millilitres Water
8 grams Lavender Buds (dried)
90 grams Sugar**
90 millilitres Fresh Lemon Juice
2 millilitres Orange Flower Water
1 Lemon Zest (roughly 4" strip taken with a vegetable peeler)
4 eggs, or 160 millilitres pasteurized egg white or 160 millilitres aquafaba*


1) Prepare 2 medium-sized heatproof vessels
2) Bring 500mL water to a boil
3) In one vessel, combine 450mL hot water and 8g lavender buds. Cover and let infuse for 10 minutes, then strain out solids.
4) In the other vessel, combine 90mL of the lavender tea with 90g sugar**, orange flower water, and the lemon zest - squeezing it over the liquid to express the citrus oils before dropping in. Stir until sugar dissolves and let sit for 5 minutes.
5) Refrigerate both vessels
Makes four servings.
For one serving:
1) Fill a 12 oz short glass with ice
2) In a shaker without ice add:
90mL lavender tea
45mL lavender syrup
25mL lemon
30mL egg white*
3) Shake vigorously for 30 seconds
4) Open, fill the shaker with ice and shake for another 30 seconds
5) Fine strain into glass, over ice.
6) Wait a moment for the foam to settle, then garnish with a small pinch of lavender buds
*aquafaba is a vegan substitution made with the liquid from canned chickpeas and many other canned white beans. You can also make it yourself by cooking those dried beans as usual and setting aside the liquid.
**if using a sugar substitute, use 1.8g if using Stevia, and 117g if using Erythritol
Note: If lavender is hard to come by, you can substitute lemon thyme, mint, or half the amount of rosemary. While they with produce a cocktail with a different dominant flavour, it will be similarly delicate and delicious.
Note: While fresh lemon juice is ideal, bottled lemon juice from concentrate can be used in a pinch, just dilute by 20% and add 2.5g of additional sugar for every 100mL of fresh juice called for in the recipe