Non-alcoholic cocktail recipe book -  ebook (delivered digitally!)

Non-alcoholic cocktail recipe book - ebook (delivered digitally!)

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NOTE: This is a pre-order. The book will be published in early 2021!

In autumn of 2019, we ran a crowdfunding campaign to create a book of non-alcoholic cocktail recipes inspired by the Tarot. We raised $40K in just under a month, and were the top food and drink product and the top cookbook product on all of Kickstarter!

We are now in the process of creating a full-colour hardcover book with Haritha Gnanaratna's compelling recipes and Cindy Fan's ethereal re-imaginings of the Major Arcana. 

We are creating 22 original drinks (we don't make a "virgin" anything). Each one will be something completely new, mapped onto the evocative narrative of the Tarot. The recipes will reflect a variety of flavours, from sweet to smoky and from to savoury to spicy. Some of the drinks will be thrillingly simple to make. Others will be thrillingly challenging. We really hope you find your next favourite cocktail in our book. 

Foreword by Jennifer E. Crawford, drink illustrations by Yuliya Tsoy. Tarot consultation by Maranda Elizabeth.

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