Here is a non-exhaustive list of the services offered by Temperance Cocktails. To chat more about any combination of these things, send us an email at haritha@temperancecocktails.com

Special events
Let us provide innovative non-alcoholic drink options to your guests. For each event we work on, we develop a personalized menu that aligns with the event or the organization’s values. Here are some examples.

Bottled Cocktails
Bottling our drinks has opened up so many possibilities!  They would be great in gift baskets as non-alcoholic alternatives to wine, you could order them to have on hand for parties, and we could even offer regular deliveries for people or companies in driving distance! Check out our menu here.

Public workshops
From co-working spaces to ice cream parlours, we hold workshops around the city. These classes include the opportunity to create your own signature cocktails. To find out when the next workshop is, sign up for our newsletter!

Corporate / NGO workshops
Whether you are looking for an inclusive team-building exercise or programming activities for your clients, our workshops are a great option. We are as comfortable at high-end venues as we are at community centres.

Private workshops
If you’d like us to develop and deliver a workshop just for you, that sounds great! It can happen in someone’s home, if they have the space for it, or we can choose a location together.

Parties and events
We can tailor a version of our workshop for your baby shower, book launch, or birthday party. We can even stick around to serve drinks after! This can be geared towards either younger or older audiences.

Menu consultation
We can take on anything from the development of signature drinks to the creation of an entire non-alcoholic-drink menu.

Something else entirely
Have a great idea not covered by the above options? We’d love to hear it.
Send it along to haritha@temperancecocktails.com