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Happy 142nd birthday Pixie!

Pamela “Pixie” Colman Smith (16 February 1878 – 18 September 1951), was a British artist, illustrator, writer and occultist. She is best known for illustrating the Rider-Waite tarot deck, from which we took the inspiration for our own Tarot deck. Suggested reading while you make this recipe: The Imaginary Worlds episode about Pixie Colman Smith. Here is […]


Beyond Shirley Temples

We were interviewed by She Does The City about what motivated us to start Temperance Cocktails, and what our dream is for the business. This is one of the smart things Haritha said: Toronto is a very multicultural city. We have a high Muslim population, for example. That community is not considered when mainstream establishments […]


Bottled drinks (not bottled feelings)

This winter, Workman Arts (we love them!) asked us if we’d be able to set up a bar at an upcoming event of theirs. It turned out that event was happening while we were in Cuba. Determined not to let them down, Haritha sprung into action and bottled hundreds of cocktails for them before we […]


Ice Ice Baby Shower

One of the countless reasons for not drinking — not that you need a reason! — is pregnancy. But pregnant people deserve fancy drinks too, arguably even more than the rest of us! So we were so happy to be a part of a baby shower last weekend. Here’s a little video of what that looked like!


WORKSHOP! Non-alcoholic holiday cocktails

You don’t have to drink to be merry! Attend our upcoming workshop and find out how to make a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails, as well as create your own signature holiday drink! Included in the price of registration is a bottle of our Almond Orgeat, recipe cards, as well as all ingredients and equipment! (The […]