“Temperance Cocktails, which come in four flavours and cost $5 each, could easily pass for real cocktails both in terms of appearance and taste. They’re natural-tasting and complex and boast a pretty serious depth of flavour. Their True Terroir, for example, is a rich and spicy smoke bomb, that you might imagine had a base of peaty Islay whisky in it (it’s actually tea). Another, Chapter Two, is a fizzy, fresh and perfectly-acidic drink—perfect for summer refreshment.” – Christina Sismondo, The Toronto Star

Whether you want to make sure your special events promote accessibility and diversity or just want to be the hero of your next picnic, make an order today!


  • “We’ve had them at our last couple events and they’ve been incredible every time, highly recommended!”

    Stefan Hostetter, Centre for Social Innovation

  • “These delicious drinks offer wonderful options for those who don’t wish to consume alcohol! Haritha is an amazing mixologist and brings fun and experimentation to his fabulous creations!”

    Denise Soueidan-O’Leary, the Lansdowne Cone

  • “I’m amazed at the quality of service provided by the Temperance team, and highly recommend them for any of your events.”

    Adil Dhalla, Centre for Social Innovation