Seven million people in Canada don’t drink,* and millions more are cutting back and looking for other options. But most parties, corporate socials, and hospitality establishments don’t have interesting non-alcoholic choices on offer! So we started Temperance Cocktails, to raise the standard for non-alcoholic drinks. Whether you want to have fun non-alcoholic cocktails in your own fridge, or to make sure your next event is accessible to everyone, make an order today!

* source: Why people don’t drink: It’s none of your business – André Picard


  • “Our meal was accompanied with Temperance Cocktails. Didn’t know it was possible to make a non-alcoholic drink taste that way. I tried Chapter Two (absolute favourite) and Community Garden. Both fantastic.” – Full post

    Toronto Food

  • “Whatever the reason Torontonians choose not to consume alcohol, Temperance Cocktails is looking to diversify the options for non-drinkers with their own extensive range of booze-free bevvies. The project is primarily the brainchild of craft cocktail artisan Haritha Gnanaratna, and was inspired by creating cocktails for feminist partner and lifelong non-drinker Audra Williams.” – Full article

    Amy Carlberg – BlogTO

  • “Temperance Cocktails, which come in four flavours and cost $5 each, could easily pass for real cocktails both in terms of appearance and taste. They’re natural-tasting and complex and boast a pretty serious depth of flavour. Their True Terroir, for example, is a rich and spicy smoke bomb, that you might imagine had a base of peaty Islay whisky in it (it’s actually tea). Another, Chapter Two, is a fizzy, fresh and perfectly-acidic drink—perfect for summer refreshment.” – Full article

    Christine Sismondo – Toronto Star